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About Us

We are thrilled to offer the work of talented local artisans. A dance studio and tattoos. Our goal is to further foster a community of art enthusiasts and connect with a diverse array of artists.

We Carry a wide selection of furniture, decorative housewares and a variety of gifts.

additionally, we embrace self expression through our permanent body art, offering tattoos and tooth gems. 

To encourage the art of movements, we invite individuals of all ages to join our all inclusive dance studio. Fostering a love of dance from the young to the young at heart.



Alana Rae Rempel (Lala Tattoos) offers custom hand drawn designs. Specializing is post-mastectomy and restorative work, cover-up tattoos, reworks as well as permanent make-up/micropigmentation.
One of the most professional and hardworking artists in the industry, she prides herself in creating a comfortable atmosphere mixed with exceptional customer service. You can take comfort in knowing she uses only the highest quality equipment and single-use, disposable supplies to ensure a proper sterile working environment.


Our unique, live edge furniture and art pieces are handcrafted right here in Saskatchewan. We use reclaimed wood that has been ethically sourced, as well as, Indonesian teak roots. Whether it’s a statement piece for the entryway or a gorgeous bench to boost that front yard appeal; our work can stand the test of time! Our work is sure to grab everyone’s attention for all the right reasons.

Additions to the Against the Grain Family

Closeup of dancing legs of ballerina wearing white pointes in the dancing hall


Our inclusive Dance Studio at ATG, strives to make dance fun while teaching discipline and hard work ethic.

We currently offer lessons in Tap, Jazz, Ballet and Hip Hop by Miss Alana Rempel.  Exam classes are also available with certification received through the Adapt Teaching Syllabus.

Adult Classes are currently offered by Marcela Borrero Cruz in Bellydance, Rumba and Salsa as well as other various styles.

ATG Studios is happy to host our guest teacher, Adriane, who currently offers Youth Highland Dance lessons.


When walking through the doors at Against the Grain you’ll find a wide variety of hand crafted locally made items. Everything from affordable to high-end, whether you’re a thrifty shopper or want something show stopping we are here to hook you up!

You can also find gently used dancewear with all proceeds going to Passion 4 Dance.

Against the Grain carries bath and body products, furniture and home decor. Even if you’re looking for that perfect little gift for someone who’s tricky to buy for or has everything. The products carried in the store were chosen based on a connection or personal interest.

Aroma Spa Aromatherapy

Young Living

We offer Young Living essential oils, blends and oil-infused products with the optimal levels of specific, naturally occurring essential oil constituents to maximize their potency.

Young Living is a household lifestyle brand that is universally known for its many beneficial abilities, such as enhancing your physical and spiritual well-being, purifying your home and inspiring a positive emotional state.

If this is something you’ve always found interesting, but haven’t had the opportunity to try it out please contact us for more information or check out the product guide here.

Upcoming Events 

Introducing Dax: Our Apprentice

We are thrilled to announce that Dax (inkbydax) has officially started her apprenticeship with Lala Tattoos (Alana Rae Rempel) at Against the Grain Artisan Gallery & Tattoo. You can now admire Dax’s incredible artwork both in-store and on her art page. Stay tuned for updates on our exciting new journey. Please kindly note that Dax is currently not accepting clients.  Follow her on Instagram @inkbydax for more inspiration.

Against the Grain Artisan Gallery & Tattoo is excited to announce that due to the continuous growth of our store, we have outgrown our old space and have relocated to our new, larger location at 33 High Street in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. This expansion allows us to better serve our valued customers by offering an even wider selection of unique, handcrafted artwork and top-notch tattoo services. As well as having the dance studio inhouse.

Introducing Katie Kat: Our Apprentice & Tooth Gems

We are excited to announce that Katie Kat has officially started her apprenticeship with Lala Tattoos. Check out her Art instore and online. Katie is currently not accepting tattoo Clients at this time. Follow her @katiekatmodifications

Accentuate your smile with stunning tiny rhinestones or jewels, professionally applied to your teeth using dental-grade adhesive. Katie is certified by the CDAA to bring you this innovative cosmetic enhancement. For any inquiries or to book an appointment, please call our store or stop by.

Food Fundraiser: Nourishing Our Community

Against the Grain Artisan Gallery & Tattoo extends a heartfelt thank you to all who generously donated food items and attended our recent tattoo fundraiser for our local food bank. It is with immense gratitude that we announce the overwhelming success of our food fundraiser, as we proudly raised over $5000.00 for our cherished community. Your unwavering support has not only nourished those in need but has also showcased the remarkable spirit of solidarity that defines our artistic haven. Together, we have made a profound difference in the lives of our neighbors, fostering a sense of unity and compassion that resonates within each stroke of ink. We remain deeply moved by the collective impact we have achieved, and it is thanks to incredible individuals like you that we are able to continue serving our community and fostering creativity in all its forms. We are truly humbled and grateful.

Coming soon...

Discover a world of creativity and expression at Against the Grain Artisan Gallery & Tattoo. Stay tuned for the latest updates, as there’s always something new happening here.



Alana does amazing work! Crisp lines and dynamic colour throughout my entire arm (and we are still going)! She takes the time to listen to your ideas and inspiration and then turns them into a beautiful piece of work! To make it even better she is such a genuinely cool human. I find myself looking forward to the next tattoo for the conversation almost as much as the new piece of art that I will be getting! This lady rocks!

I love my tattoo so much. I am a breast cancer survivor and had mastectomy scars and no areola. Thanks to Alana I have a beautiful tattoo and an areola! This was my first tattoo and Alana made me feel so comfortable and at ease. I am over the moon happy! Thank you Alana

Alana is my go-to, and I can’t wait for our next session. Not only is she kind and considerate, but she is a SUPER talented and respectful tattoo artist. She has done original pieces, coverups and reworks for me… small dainty art as well as larger pieces… and every time she is very open and accommodating to what I want. I’ve had lots of work done by artists in different cities and shops, but I keep returning to Alana. She always nails it, and the work always heals perfectly and without blow outs or strange healing. She knows what she is doing as she is very experienced and skilled. Saskatchewan is lucky to have her. If you are thinking about getting work done by her, don’t hesitate and get in touch with her NOW.

Alana is an amazing talented artist! I am very lucky to also call her one of my greatest friends. Her unique tattoo work, kindness and charm set her apart from others in the industry. She has done multiple tattoos for me and I will return again & again! Her tattoos are creative, inspirational and have killer craftsmanship! She is the whole package!!! Can’t wait for my next!!!

Kathleen O

Absolutely love what Alana did with the memory piece she did for my dad… her work is top notch… definitely looking to have another piece done by Alana


Monday-Thursday: 11:30am.–6pm.

Saturday: 11:30am.–6pm.

Friday & Sunday: Closed

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